Sunday, September 26, 2010

I've Moved....

Dear buddies!

Its said that when you have to accomplish a tough target, swear to public in general. You will always feel the pressure to complete the commitment. You yourself and your close ones will always understand your problems and show empathy for your failure to achieve something.....but the public wont.
This was a similar trial, but still it became too difficult to fit in a comfortable time line to come up with the "promised new place" :) Like one of my close friends asked me today morning "shall i re-consider being your fan? coz am an exhausted fan now!!!" :D

I was extremely busy with some other priorities all this while. It was after almost 2 to 2 & half months that i took out my cam last weekend for shooting and was able to come up with the start of a new journey. I wish you people would support me as always and keep visiting my new place. Henceforth there wont be any new additions to this current page/blog. I wish i would continue to live up to your expectations at my new blog:

Welcome to : ColorPinch :)

Bimal Nair.